Updates on $AVXL vesting schedule

We have updated the $AVXL vesting schedule for the private and public sale investors to bring more power to the community!

Option 1

They could immediately receive another 50% of their locked allocation (that is, 50% of the remaining allocation). There is no need for new vesting.
These investors then forfeit the right to receive the rest of their locked allocation.

Updated token release schedule under new vesting -

  1. Everyone who chose option 1 has been given their pending tokens on 23rd October 2021.
  2. Everyone who chose option 2, will receive their first unlock (25%) on 23rd Jan 2022.
  • Increase in $AVXL in the staking pool in the last two days — 56%
  • Total no of stakers in the $AVXL perpetual staking pool — 790
  • Team tokens are totally locked for next 12 months, team get 0 tokens
  • Advisors will get their 1st batch and then will follow the unlock token schedule
  • Tiers will be announced to and the more you hold, the higher the chances to participate in next IDOs
  • Moving to AVAX soon
  • Launch of few big gamechanger projects which will be exclusive to AVXL holders

Token release dates for the year 2022 -

Some important updates on AvaXlauncher -

  1. Total IDOs completed till date — 4
  2. Total Funding raised — $549,000
  3. Total no of $AVXL holders — 3000+


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