Recap of AvaXlauncher X Morphie Network AMA

7 min readSep 29, 2021

On Sunday, September 26th we hosted an AMA with Morphie Network — the First IDO on AvaXlauncher platform. Here are the winners of the AMA:

King of Crypto — @Thakur8909
Tong — @Tong567
Rimjhim -@rinnguyen
Akira — @Akira236
Milex — @tomo_fan

In case you missed it, here’s a little recap of the Live AMA with the Morphie Network on September 26th, 2021. The session was hosted by the Professor Crane, AvaXlauncher with Vishal from the Morphie Network.


Q. Welcome @morpheus_90

Let’s get the AMA Started. @morpheus_90 Can you begin with Introducing yourself first.

A. My name is Vishal and I am the founder for Morphie Network. I have been a software engineer for all my life and have an experience of 5 years in working in blockchain tech. My expertise is in Nodejs, Javascript, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, HTML, CSS, Microservices, System design, Project Management. Before this, I have been involved in building wallets, blockchain products for different projects. I have worked on blockchains including Ethereum, Tendermint, Hyperledger, EOS.

Currently we are building on Avalanche 🙂

Q. Amazing experience in the blockchain industry. Can you tell how you got introduced to the Crypto Industry in the first Place ?

A. Yes.I have always been excited about working with new technologies. After my first few projects, I was asked about blockchain development from one of my clients.

I think this was around 2016. This made me curious and eager to learn about blockchain, smart contracts 🙂 I started to trade a little after that, learning about different blockchains in the meantime. As I kept on learning, my interest grew and that’s how my team and I started to BUIDL on blockchain.

Q. Let’s get to know Morphie a little better now. Can you tell a breif introduction about Morphie and why you think it is so special for Avalanche ?

A. Yes, So Morphie is the first decentralised and community driven oracle. On Avalanche. We are a community driven oracle aimed at providing devs/projects with accurate data feeds. While there are a few notable names providing Oracle services, but they do have their own limitations. Some are centralised, some have a low transactional speed, limited pairs, expensive…

Our solution is to utilise Avalanche blcockhains higher transactional throughput, faster speeds and secure network to build a completely decentralised, community driven oracle. Since this is the first Oracle on Avalanche (and for Avalanche) we are very excited about this …

Q. Can you do a brief SWOT Analysis on Morphie?

A. We are largely focused towards the Avalanche community to start with — we have realised that a lot of development is taking place on Avalanche blockchain which is evident by the price action, TVL and growing community.

Strengths — Decentralised, community driven, utilising Avalanche blockchain’s architecture.

Weakness — Being core developers, the founding team lacked a little in marketing activities (particularly in the cryptosphere) But now with AvaXlauncher team’s support we have crossed this hurdle too very successfully.

Opportunities — Well we are focused towards providing data feed to the dev community which includes all external data.

So a mean to convert real world data to blockchain data. This can be actually used via a lot of Defi products, dapps and more…. Opportunities are endless

Threats — Some of the exisitng projects have a much much larger piggy bank and we have just started !!

Q. Coming to IDO. We see quite a few people interested and hyped up about the IDO. Can you throw some light on the Token metrics and IDO ?

A. We have been getting lots of eyes toward us because of our Initial Mcap which is $103,400 at TGE.

Total tokens : 20bn

Total raise : $880,000 | Price of token: $0.00022

For the IDO, we will also incentivise the $AVXL community. All the AVXL LP stakers and AVXL stakers will receive airdrop of $MORPH tokens. And exclusive chance to invest in our public sale before the Whitelisted participants

Q. Always there for players building serious tech. We see some misconception spreading on how to participate in the IDO. Can you explain the community more on how can they participate in the IDO and how to get Guaranteed Allocation in IDO ?

A. Ok sure. So for the public investment round, users have 3 options by which they can particiapte

1. Stake $AVXL-$BNB CAKE LP on AvaXlauncher’s webpage. (I believe this option has been discontinued by your team now)

2. Stake $AVXL (Perpetual stkaing) on AvaXlauncher’s webpage.

3. Participate in Gleam campaign

In both 1st and 2nd options, any user’s allocation amount will depend on the amount of tokens staked (or LP tokens staked). So based on the pool weightage, any user will be able to secure their guaranteed allocation (and the airdrop tokens too)

I hope this will clear for the community.

Professor Crane — I am sure this helps clear out the clouds of confusion building in the community. I would like to add a simple table that we announced for simple illustration of the breakage.

$AVXL stakers and $AVXL LP stakers will be exclusively incentivised for all the IDOs on our platform

Q. What are near term roadmap for Morphie as well as long term?

A. Short term roadmap -

1. Token launch

2. Exchange Listings

3. Building local communities

4. Staking and Liquidity mining

5. Buidling and releasing the first module of our Oracle seervices

Long term vision -

Mostly focused on security audits, bug bounties.

Then COntinue building and partnerships, user acquisiton and more…

AMA Round-

Q. As stated morphie will collect data feeds from multiple sources to ensure data integrity & eliminate malicious actors ,but nowadays many big promising projects hacked ,so tell me,is your system capable ? & will it be ready to recover if any of this situation arise?

A. Very nice question. The data will be fetched from multiple sources but being a completely decentralised Oracle network, we will utilise the POS consensus mechanism of Avalanche, to verify and feed accurate data.

Q. As Morphie network is quite new in Crypto world, Currently Do You focus towards Avalanche Community or overll Community?

A. We will launch the token first on BSC to utilise the user and liquidity there. We will then more everything on Avalanche blockchain. The Oracle will be built on Avalanche.

Q. How Is AvaXlauncher Team Guiding Morphie Projects in its Success? Please tell about the Advantages of being a Project under AvaXlauncher?

A. AvaXlauncher team has been AMAZING from the start. Like I said earlier, we are mostly tech focused people and take lead on the development front.

AvaXlauncher team are marketing gurus for us. This is evident from the spectacular token performance of the $AVXL token. Not only that, the team has helped us with getting the right mentors in every field to support our project.

We are very proud to do our IDO on AvaXlauncher platform with their support.

Q. You need thousand of Data Providers to become a Top Oracle Platform? How are you going to do that? Who will be your main Customer?

A. We will follow a community led and communtiy driven model. We will incentivise the data providers and the validators to maintain genuine data on the network. Main customers will be ofcourse the Defi products/Dapps..

Q. While we already have a few notable names providing Oracle services, why should we need Morphie Network? How is Morphie Network different from them?

A. By building on Avalanche, we are utilising it’s robust nature and higher transactional speed to create a decnetralised oracle — which doesn’t require the nodes to have a central KYC in place. The price feeds are validated via POS consensus mechanism of Avalanche blockchain resulting in providing accurate data feeds

Q. When this token will be listed on CEX? From primary listing on DEX do you also in talk with CEX for listing?


Q. In Your Medium Article I found that , Morphie Network IDO will be launched on “Avaxlauncher” Can you Please tell Us the process to get Whitelisted and When WhiteList Form Will be Closed ?

A. You can check the blogs on both AvaXluancher and Morphie Network’s telegram groups

Q. The whitelist $MORPH IDO is now open. How do we get on your list? Is KYC required?

A. You can check our Telegram group or pinned post on our twitter 🙂

KYC yes !

Q. Hello Vishal !! Can you clarify. Is there a connection between the Morphie Network and Morphieus Newtork? Since your project name looks similar, not only that your $MORPH token name is also very similar..Thanks

A. NO connection. Mere co-incidence




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