Introducing Perpetual Staking for $AVXL — Earn APY, IDO airdrop and more!!

  1. Token airdrop of the upcoming IDO. (1X part of the total pool allotted)

1. How the airdrop works?

Total $MORPH token airdrop that Bob will receive
Total $MORPH token airdrop that Alice will receive

2. Exclusive investment round for $AVXL stakers and LP stakers

3. APY on $AVXL staking

Important points —

  • $AVXL staking goes live on 20th September, 3PM UTC
  • APY rewards will be credited weekly, but only claimable after 30 days
  • You can only stake once using one wallet
  • IDO airdrop will be vested and more details will be released by Morphie Network team
  • Check the value before staking, because it will accept values in 10¹⁸ as the value is in Wei
  • Minimum time to stake $AVXL to be eligible to receive APR is 7 days



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