Introducing Perpetual Staking for $AVXL — Earn APY, IDO airdrop and more!!

3 min readSep 20, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce the perpetual staking program for $AVXL community! This one of a kind staking program is aimed at strengthening as well as incentivising the community.

We take immense pleasure in revealing the details behind the first AVXL staking pool . $AVXL staking will provide TRIPLE BONANZA

  1. Token airdrop of the upcoming IDO. (1X part of the total pool allotted)

2. Exclusive chance to invest in the upcoming IDO before FCFS round.

3. APY of 12% on the staked amount

1. How the airdrop works?

For the upcoming IDO Morphie Network, 15% of the token supply has been reserved to give airdrop to $AVXL-$BNB LP stakers and $AVXL stakers. This pool will be distributed in the ratio 2:1, with 2 parts to LP stakers and 1 part to $AVXL stakers, with vesting.

Example 1 — Bob has provided $AVXL-$BNB LP on Pacakeswap and staked the LP tokens on AvaXlauncher webapp. Now his share of the pool is 1% —

Total $MORPH token airdrop that Bob will receive

Example 2 — Alice has staked 100,000 $AVXL for 180 days. Assuming total $AVXL staked in the pool as 1,000,000 $AVXL and cumulative time of stake as 365 days. Now her share of the pool is calculated by —

Total $MORPH token airdrop that Alice will receive

2. Exclusive investment round for $AVXL stakers and LP stakers

Based on the pool weightage, stakers and LP stakers will get an exclusive investment round to invest in Morphie IDO.

The investment amount will be based on the formula —

Investment amount for LP stakers= Pool weightage X total tokens allocated for the public round X public sale price X 2/3

Investment amount for $AVXL stakers= Pool weightage X total tokens allocated for the public round X public sale price X 1/3

3. APY on $AVXL staking

Along with the $MORPH token airdrop, $AVXL stakers will also receive a 12% APY . The earned interest will be credited weekly and locked for 30 days.

Important points —

  • $AVXL staking goes live on 20th September, 3PM UTC
  • APY rewards will be credited weekly, but only claimable after 30 days
  • You can only stake once using one wallet
  • IDO airdrop will be vested and more details will be released by Morphie Network team
  • Check the value before staking, because it will accept values in 10¹⁸ as the value is in Wei
  • Minimum time to stake $AVXL to be eligible to receive APR is 7 days


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