Instructions to get started with AVXL-BNB LP Staking Program

We are very excited about our LP staking program. We have specially curated this program for the benefit of $AVXL community, giving them an advantage on the IDOs being launched on AvaXlauncher platform. This article will highlight the steps on how you can stake your AVXL-BNB CAKE-LP and earn rewards.


  • 2X IDO tokens airdropped on the wallets that participate in AVXL-BNB LP Staking program.
  • Reward share in $AVXL tokens from 500,000 pool size.
  • More incentives for LP providers will be announced during the course of the pool.

If you haven’t, please check out the details about our LP-staking program here — (LINK)

  1. Visit this link to add AVXL-BNB liquidity on Pancakeswap DEX:

2. Make sure that your wallet is connected to Binance Smart Chain main net

3. Enter the amount of AVXL / BNB that you want to supply as liquidity and click “Supply”

4. Pancakeswap will then prompt the Metamask for Signing the transactions and relevant approvals to allow this pool to be created.

5. Give relevant permissions and approvals.

6. Once that is done, you will see the New LP tokens in your Binance Smart Chain Network Metamask wallet.

7. These tokens are what you will use in the following steps.

Depositing LP Tokens to AvaXlauncher LP Staking app

The following steps are to be followed on Avaxlauncher LP-Staking webapp.

  1. Go to
  2. You will be prompted to connect your Metamask wallet. If not, please click on “Connect Wallet” at the top right

3. Click on “Approve LP” and confirm the transaction using your Metamask.

4. Enter the number of AVXL-BNB CAKE-LP tokens you want to stake and click on “Stake” (Min value is 1)

You are on!! Your LP tokens are now successfully staked and you are eligible to earn pool rewards and the bonus airdrop of the upcoming IDs on the AvaXlauncher platform.

Important pointers for LP-Staking—

  1. LP Staking to go LIVE on 16th September 2021, 2.30 PM UTC
  2. Total Reward pool — 500,000 $AVXL
  3. Participation in the pool is FCFS
  4. Expected rewards are not REAL rewards- it will change based on users staking and unstaking in the pool
  5. If LP tokens are unstaked before 30 days from the date of closing of pool, you will lose your eligibility to get pool rewards.
  6. After 30 days, your LP tokens are claimable and you will be eligible to win pool rewards.
  7. Screenshot of the wallets for IDO airdrop will be taken on 30th day from the date of closing of pool.
  8. Pool rewards can be claimed after 60 days from the date of closing of pool.


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AvaXlauncher is the first Incubator + launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. Website:

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AvaXlauncher is the first Incubator + launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. Website:

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