BLOCKBUSTER Staking program for $AVXL

  1. Gaming Project : Breed, play and Earn
  2. Oracle on Blockchain

LP — Staking program

You can now earn APY by staking AVXL-BNB CAKE-LP obtained on providing AVXL-BNB liquidity on PancakeSwap — the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

  • Pool 1: 3 days with $AVXL reward pool
  • Pool 2: To be announced
  • Pool 1 begins this week and will be open for 3 days
  • LP tokens staking period — 30 days
  • Any user who unstakes LP tokens before 30 days, will not be eligible to receive the $AVXL rewards
  • After 30 days, user can unlock LP tokens and be eligible to earn pool rewards
  • $AVXL rewards will be distributed post 60 days from the pool end date
  • Your rewards will be calculated based upon your share in the LP pool from the total pool

$AVXL Perpetual Staking Program

Details coming soon, STAY TUNED!!!



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