AVXL Tier structure — Important Updates

  1. We have decided to eliminate the perpetual staking pool from IDO allocation — this means that participants of this pool will not get IDO allocations. This has been decided as it will remove the very small allocations users got and reduce the unnecessary sell pressure. The pool will continue to offer the 12% APY as usual.
  2. Two new tiers — Andes and Alps (based on popular mountain ranges) will be added to the tier system which will require 600,000 and 1,000,000 $AVXL tokens to be staked respectively. These new pools will also give participants a chance to invest in private sales of the projects (Subject to the IDO project terms).
  3. We are also rebranding the “LP Pool 3” to “Perpetual LP Pool”— a pool where users can stake their LP tokens and be entitled for IDO allocation. (10x weightage on this pool). This pool also has an APY of 40%.
Summary of $AVXL tier system

Calculation of Allocation

Sneak peek of our revamped UI

Summary and important points:

  1. Perpetual staking pool will not be included for IDO allocations. It will continue to offer the 12% APY as usual.
  2. Two new tiers — Andes and Alps have been added with stake requirement of 600,000 and 1,000,000 $AVXL respectively. These two tiers will also grant users with access to private sale of the IDOs.
  3. LP pool 3 to be rebranded as Perpetual LP pool in the tier system with 10x weightage and 40% APY.
  4. User to stake the tokens minimum for 7 days (or more, depending on the tier requirements)
  5. UI will display your current pool based on the no of tokens staked.
  6. NO automatic unstake of the pool tokens after the staking period. User is part of the tier until he choses to voluntarily unstake.
  7. With each IDO announced, user has to sign a metamask signature to confirm the IDO participation.
  8. To change the tier, user has to unstake from the current pool and restake in the new pool.



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