AvaXlauncher Leaps Towards DAO Governance — a decentralized approach

3 min readJul 1, 2022

Dear Community,

The wait is finally over as we move towards what we initially aimed for — a Decentralized Launchpad. We want to thank our community for always supporting and trusting AvaXlauncher as we now upgrade to a platform where the community is at the center i.e. deciding and launching the IDOs.

This will be the first article in our series to adopt a completely decentralized model for fundraising on AvaXlauncher. So keep an eye out on our social media handles as we keep on dropping more articles.

With this update AvaxLauncher is now ready to develop as one of the very few launchpads where the community will take centre stage. Till now, the founders and the team have played a crucial role in developing the platform, the smart contracts, vetting of the applicant projects and deciding on their viability to conduct an IDO. But going forward our tier members and LP stakers will vote and decide whether to support and launch IDO for any project.

Projects will now be able to apply for IDO launch on our launchpad simply by filling out required information and, once applied, the community will review and vote in favour or against of its IDO.

With this announcement, the founding team will step down from the day to day operations and, with the DAO governance being introduced, the AVXL community will have the power to influence the launchpad’s direction.

A Glimpse of our upcoming DAO page

This move towards decentralization will further boost the platform as more projects will now be able to apply for IDO, via our launchpad, with new, fresh and innovative ideas. In addition, IDOs launched by our platform will attract more investors and audience as the projects will now be curated, for their viability and credibility, by the AVXL community.

How can a project apply for fundraising via AvaXlauncher
1. Projects who stake 5,000,000 $AVXL tokens for 1 week
2. Projects submitted by top 30 $AVXL holders

Who Can Vote
1. All Tier participants
2. Perpetual LP pool stakers

We will soon release an in-depth article on how the projects can apply and the conditions for each community member to be eligible to cast a vote for the project IDO.

100% Team Tokes will be Staked to Reward our LP Stakers
Another strong and big move by our team, to appreciate the love and support of our community.

Every single team token has remained untouched since the launch of AVXL and our team has now decided to stake all those tokens in the highest tier. All the benefits and rewards, received for the same, will be distributed among our stakers in the “perpetual LP pool”. This will also increase AVXLs liquidity and level of trust, as more users will be encouraged to participate in tiers via perpetual LP pool.

Three cheers for our team!!!

Community Outreach Program — Coming Soon
To further boost the Avalanche community in this bear market, AvaXlauncher will also start a “Community Outreach Program” marketing and development support. The program will help partner projects while incentivizing our Tier participants.

How? Stay tuned!!

About AvaXlauncher
AvaXlauncher is the first Incubator + launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. The platform offers a fast, secure, and efficient platform for decentralized fundraising and aims to become the largest decentralized token launch pool and auction platform.

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AvaXlauncher is the first Incubator + launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. Website: https://avaxlauncher.com/